We want to build this list of positive actions as an inclusive community.
It’s hard to overstate how grateful we are that you’re contributing
ways to actively create a safer, more equitable world.


Please offer an action and language that will help men become better allies to women. For example:


  • "When you hear a woman being talked over, interrupted, or worse -- having her ideas co-opted by someone else -- speak up to help pass the mic back her way."

  • You could say, “Hey, I don’t think Tamika was finished getting her point across. Tamika, did you want to add to that?”



  • Original (add your name, initials or keep it anonymous); or

  • Writer with link to source


  • The intention of this project is to offer positive actions men can immediately put into practice. Please take a few deep breaths before starting and choose to write from a place of love.

  • If you identify as a woman, please write in third-person. If you identify as a man, please write in first-person

  • One-three sentences in length.

  • Keep this human, not political.

  • Hate speech will not be tolerated.


This project is focused on how men can be better allies to women. But, don’t stop here — we encourage you to learn more about and take positive action on all issues you’re passionate about helping solve.